Фото-проекты для детей Днепропетровск, фотосъемка детских праздников, детский фотограф; детская, семейная фотосессия Днепропетровск


 Oksana But is PhD in Economic Sciences who exchanged university’s chair for a camera with some lenses. A journey through the wide field of photography brought her to lifestyle, conceptual and fine art. This is evident because the kids are always in focus. To capture the unique moments of childhood like to feel again the sweet baby’s odor, to hear the giggles and to smile to children's problems are particularities of Oksana But  lifestyle photography.


In the process of shooting the photographer prefers to stay behind the scene to less the children to be natural. This observation of children behavior allowed to identify the problems of children  socialization. So the conceptual photography makes possible to point out the existing problem, attract attention to it, make think about and to solve this problems.


The photographer favorite light is natural which always brings some fortuitousness into the frame and makes it much more interesting.  Light painting photography technique gives mistery to artist’s works. The abandoned places, antiques, large spaces or narrow courtyards + children inspire to create fine art photography.


To reveal the elusive human essence, to discover the secret of being is the basic philosophy of Oksana But's works. And children help her to achieve this aim.


Last years participation in international photography contest had some success she was winner in BW ChildPhotoCompetion, Click Magazine, her works was featured in several exhibitions in Ukraine, Belgium, Spain and USA.


From December 2016 Oksana But is a member of the National Society of  Photo Artists of Ukraine.

    Today artist works in the field of childhood aims to research the direction of the evolution of our society through the prism of children’s behavior, mood and feelings.



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