Фото-проекты для детей Днепропетровск, фотосъемка детских праздников, детский фотограф; детская, семейная фотосессия Днепропетровск




Oksana But was born in Ukraine (exrepublic of the Soviet Union), her studies in State Academy of Architecture (Ukraine) and Université Lumière LyonII (France) allowed to get PhD and lead to the photography. Elearning, participation in photo workshop and also self education in photo field get growth. Last two years participation in international photography contest had some success she was winner in BW ChildPhotoCompetion, Click Magazine, her works was featured in several exhibitions in Ukraine, Belgium, Spain and USA (PhotoPlace Gallery Vermont).

From december 2016 Oksana But is a member of the National Society of  Photo Artists of Ukraine.

    Today artist works in the field of childhood aims to research the direction of the evolution of our society through the prism of children’s behavior, mood and feelings.



Mons 2015 Capitale europeenne de la culture

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